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Selby, John

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John Selby was best known for his life sized engravings of songbirds and water birds. His hand colored engravings are “remarkable for the delicacy of their execution and their truthfulness to nature.” His artistic genius was evident at an early age; at thirteen he produced the drawings and text for ‘Commoner Birds of Britian.’He is most noted for his publication ‘Illustrations of British Ornithology,’ 1821 - 1834. This was the first attempt by anyone to produce a set of life sized illustrations of songbirds and water birds. Selby engraved his own plates as well as wrote the accompanying text.

Shaw, George

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George Shaw was an English Naturalist and author of several zoological books. General Zoology vol. VIII, part II Birds; published in 1811 was a comprehensive journal of text and engravings. Mrs. Griffith, who was the earliest female engraver to exhibit fine quality engraving, was the principal engraver for this book. Shaw was the joint founder and Vice- president of the Linnean Society, 1788 and became keeper of the Natural History Department of the British Museum in 1807.

Shirley, Pamela

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On a beautiful spring morning in 1988, Pamela Shirley noticed the gorgeous iris blooms in her Durham, North Carolina garden. As her young daughters played nearby she began sketching the various flowers.
It had been over 15 years since Pamela put pencil to paper. During that interlude college, marriage, a 10-year career in nursing at Duke University Medical Center and the birth of her two daughters provided a very full life. However on this cool crisp morning the iris blooms were at their peak and the moment had arrived to pick up a pencil again. (The pursuit of the watercolor medium was a natural progression due to its ability to create the sheer colors so often found in flowers.) Taking watercolor courses and spending time everyday at her drawing board yielded positive results. Pamela’s paintings began appearing in area galleries leading to a very successful one-woman show. During this period, Pamela also felt a strong urge to pursue Wildwood Lamps, a very established company featuring high design lamps and accessories. The owners were very receptive to the idea of incorporating Pamela’s floral designs into their line. In time the Botanica Collection was launched. Today, over 25 hand painted designs are available through the finest home furnishings and design centers in the United States. Subject matter includes everything from roses and tulips to more exotic flowers such as bird of paradise and orchids.
After many years of an increasingly hectic life, Pamela felt she could not give her art the level of concentration it required so the brushes and paper found their way back into the closet only to be retrieved for the lamp designs and a few intermittent projects. However, with the pending graduation of her younger daughter, the time once again seemed right for Pamela to focus on her art.
In January of 2005, with the fiery reds and vibrant yellows of parrot tulips waiting to be captured on paper, Pamela began again. Paintings are even richer in their colors and fine details. In fact, it is not uncommon for her to be told that the only thing missing is the fragrance. It is Pamela’s hope that her paintings will provide ongoing enjoyment for everyone who shares her life long passion for flowers.

Stans, Leo

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Leo has been a professional artist for over 30 years. His artwork has won numerous awards. He was most recently featured as Official Artist of the Minnesota State Fair. His artwork includes Wildlife Art, Street Scenes, Landscapes, Humor, Golf Courses and also the Living Well Series which features Music and Wine.

Stramel, Renee

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Renee W. Stramel grew up outside of Washington D.C. “From the architecture, to the culture and museums, I was overwhelmed by the beauty. Art was everywhere!”  Renee’s work reflects her varied interests in painting, garden design and photography.  “It’s all about discovery for me.”  Artistic pursuits brought her to Richmond, Virginia and the School of Art at Virginia Commonwealth University where she fell in love with this historic city and its great people. “Richmond has such a palpable sense of history, you can feel it walking down every street and the people here are so great- I find it all so inspiring.” Renee continues to live and create in Richmond where she and her filmmaker husband share a home with their dog and very demanding cat. “When not painting, you can find me putting around the garden most weekends- It’s my favorite place to be!”

Swanson, Michael

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Michael Swanson was born in Mecklenburg, Germany. Trapped behind the Iron Curtain for years, the family finally escaped to the west and moved to North America during the 1960’s.

Reflecting on all this he views life as a lottery, “You either win or cease to exist”. He credits two things that made it possible to live this artist’s lifestyle, an extraordinary insight into things and a natural born artistic talent. Largely self-taught, he credits mentors who instilled confidence in his early artistic abilities, leading to a host of awards and membership in The Society of Illustrators (Los Angeles).

With the move to North America, Michael’s art career began to flourish. Over three decades, it started by having fun making pictures, then on to the demanding and deadline world of commercial illustration and now once again having fun painting pictures.
His favourite pastime is painting landscapes mostly in oils on canvas, particularly Europe’s Mediterranean region which many great artists before him have chosen because of its unique light quality and ambience.

These days Swanson chooses subjects by challenges he feels he has yet to conquer. Working from his Century Home Studio, he produces a limited number of original oils each year bought or commissioned by serious private collectors with most remaining works sold through various galleries.

Sweerts, Emanuel

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Born in the Netherlands, Sweerts resided mainly in Amsterdam but traveled to Germany quite often. For most of his life he was the proprietor of a ‘commercial museum’ and purveyor of novelties to the wealthy of Europe. He collected and sold unique treasures to his clients but his greatest delight were the beauties of the floral world. ‘Florileguim of Emanuel Sweerts’ was a compilation of 110 floral plates which took about three years to complete. It is not known whether Sweerts’ engravers were Dutch or German, but their technical skills varied which accounts for the considerable difference in quality and style from one plate to the next. Little is known about Sweerts and it is possible that he never saw the completion of his book. It is believed to have been finished in 1612; the year of his death, but very likely was not completed until 1613.

Teton Parchment

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Teton Parchment's visual art usually begins with a peaceful morning walk in the mountains, woods, or botanic gardens. She enjoys creating photographic images because they allow her to freeze the Creators designs. Her photographs contain minimal subject matter because she finds that simplicity often reveals more. 

She has shown her work at the Graffenberg Gallery in Victor, Idaho as part of the Noturnes exhibit. She has received numerous awards including first place in the Wyoming Wildlife Magazine photo contest in 2012 and grand prize in the Colorado Balloon Classic photo contest in 2002. 

She received her BA in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and her MBA from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born in Missoula, Montana, she has lived in Santa Barbara, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado and now happily resides with her husband, Jack, and two dogs in Etna, Wyoming.

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