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Maday, Jane

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Jane Maday was born in a small fishing village in England in 1965. Though her family immigrated to the United States when she was a young child, she considers frequent trips to England to be an important source of inspiration. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the Ringling School of Art and Design, she was recruited by Hallmark cards as an illustrator.  Jane left the corporate world after her children were born, and moved to beautiful Colorado. Her work has adorned 25 children’s books, as well as collector plates, ornaments, cards, and many other collectibles.

Malek, Honey

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I'm a Southern California girl who grew up between the ocean, mountains and deserts in a magical place called the San Fernando Valley. In the 1980's, it was definitely the place to be if you were an aspiring Yuppie and wanted all of the advantages of living in Beverly Hills without the Beverly Hills price tag. Although I was a child at the time, my passion for photography started then. Armed with a “work horse” Nikon FE that my dad had given me, I began documenting my life and my friends through photographs that I organized in albums.
I not only take pictures of neon relics and other public art, I infuse extra touches of “vintage-ness” to them with color and texture. If you've ever had a photo album that held the pictures in place with that glue adhesive that turned brown over time and stopped sticking to the filmy protective sheet or noticed that your color images from 30 years ago were beginning to turn yellow and the highlights were beginning to fade, but you still liked the results, you'd appreciate my style of photography. Although I've concentrated more on Los Angeles because at one time we were the neon lights capital of the world, I've come to realize that every city in the world has a piece of neon history and although it may be broken and forgotten, it's still waiting for its spotlight. And that's where I come in.

Maleki, Ferdos

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Ferdos Maleki was born to a loving family and raised predominantly by her grandmother in the city of Rasht, on the Caspian Coast of Iran. Since her earliest years, Ferdos was fascinated by concepts involving universal connectedness and was naturally drawn to the arts. Her grandmother turned her on to the intoxicating words of Hafez and Rumi, and as a young child she brought those stories to life in her paintings.
Her Persian name means “paradise,” a fitting association with her current work that serve as internal portraits of dreamy, atmospheric, transcendental spaces. Layered colors reveal the voice of an emerging abstractionist, portraying texture and tones that mimic the journey of nature’s wonderment. Her interpreted landscapes show an increasingly sophisticated sensibility for the ways in which forms and space interact from a spiritualist stance.
Ferdos lives in Laguna Beach, California and has been instructing students in drawing and design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising since 2000. She also volunteers in her community, sharing her knowledge and joy of spirituality and meditation in open courses.

Martini, F.H.

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Neues Systematisches Conchlyien- Cabinet, by F. H. Martini, was published between 1769 & 1781. It featured numerous copper engravings as part of the 1st large- scale iconography of shells illustrated in color. The work depicted shells drawn after the personal collections of royalty and nobility of the time, including the King of Denmark, Schroter and Seba.

Mastrangelo, Judy

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Judy has painted all of her life, and has explored many genres ~ from Realism, to Impressionism, etc. She portrays a wide variety of subjects in her Art.Being a great lover of Nature, she loves to portray it in her art. She has been influenced by many great Artists of the past, such as those of the Italian Renaissance, the PreRaphealites, Maxfield Parrish, The Hudson River School Artists, The French Impressionists, etc. She has traveled to quite a few different countries, where she has visited many beautiful gardens. She often portrays these lovely Landscapes and Florals in her paintings for all to enjoy.She often "daydreams" about her paintings for a while before putting them on canvas. This preliminary technique of "Mind Painting" helps her to develop her unique Works of Art.


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Mauro was born in Pittsburgh, PA where she attended university and began her career in the graphic design field. It was after she abandoned commercial design in favor of studying printmaking abroad that she hit her stride. Mauro’s talent and achievement in printmaking and painting quickly gained recognition in Paris and her works were accepted in two major exhibitions. While Mauro’s work has evolved from a more minimalist expression, she now feels that her fusion of Asian design and subtlety of color are allowing her the opportunity to reach her full potential as an artist. Creatively, she feels her strong point is use of color in her painting while keeping them in balance with nature. Mauro feels very blessed to be able to bring so much joy to others through her talents and hopes to be able to paint as long as she is alive.

McCavitt, Naomi

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Naomi was born in Richmond VA in 1980 and began making artwork shortly thereafter. Early experimentations as a child invovled cutting, rearanging, painting and drawing on books. Her work has continued in this vein thoughout her career as she is constantly recontextualizing objects with a history. Using resources from the past allows for the inherent aesthetic value - and the meaning contained within to shine through in these new compositions. She writes, "By rearranging these elements, I am able to tell new stories where conquerors and colonizers are dwarfed by hot wilderness, where new species of plants emerge as hybrid, where nature resists cataloging by clumping together in beautiful defiance. Each composition is a secret wish, an alchemic spell to rewrite the stories of human history. Nature becomes the protagonist. I revel in the wild, the ridiculous, and the naïve, and allow them freely in my work."

McClintock, Robert

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The vibrant and widely collected work of Baltimore based photo/digital artist Robert McClintock is at once attention grabbing and immediately recognizable. His adopted home, the eclectic city of Baltimore, has been his visual inspiration for the past eleven years. McClintock’s colorful, hybrid art combining photography and painting has gathered national and international acclaim. This self-taught visionary’s images have also recently been added to the Smithsonian’s Photographic History Collection at the National Museum of American History. His popular collection of over 100 dog images titled “DOGS THAT I KNOW” spotlights the dogs he has met over the last 10 years. “DOGS THAT I KNOW” continues to be McClintock’s most popular series, featuring pooches of every shape and size, mixed breeds and mutts.

McSweeney, Meghan

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Meghan McSweeney is a commercial photographer in the Virginia area. After pursuing her BA at the Brooks Institute of Photography, Meghan moved to Virginia to start her own studio. Since the studios conception, Meghan's work has mainly consisted of lifestyle photography, weddings and fine art.

Meagher, Megan

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Megan Meagher has been interested in art since she was very young.  She’s desired an art career as early as her teens.  Her talent earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting and drawing from James Madison University.  While there, she explored screen-printing and photography.  She’s studied Art History extensively, and several master painters inspire her work.  Her greatest influences are Mary Cassat, Chuck Close and Phillip Pearlstein.
Megan has worked at Old World Prints since 2003.  She continues to add elegance and clarity to classic, contemporary design, and further pursues her own art.

Miller, John

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Johann Miller was born in Nuremburg, but left his native city and settled in London - where he changed his name to John Miller. Miller executed the plates for “An Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnaeus,” published in London, 1770- 1777. He also produced the plates for the splendid “Botanical Tables” which were privately published by John Stuart, third Earl of Bute, in 1785. Bute was a prominent politician, botanist, landscape gardener, and patron of the botanical sciences. He commissioned work from the finest illustrators of his time. Bute is most noted as the founder of the Royal Gardens at Kew.Miller also worked with Georg Dionysius Ehret. Ehret was an artist, scientist and teacher of botanical illustration.

Mosley, Kiana

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Kiana is an emerging artist born in Hawaii and raised in Southern California, but now resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a lifelong, self taught and mentored artist, and studied as a Graphic design major at OSU. 

Visual art, performance art, and music has always been an integral part of her life and upbringing, as the daughter of late artist Daniel Keiser, and niece of the late Randy California of the 60's rock band SPIRIT (just to name a couple). 

After a major catharsis in 2008, she fully dedicated herself to cultivating a career in the arts. Her life experience, paired with an unquenchable thirst for creativity and experimentation, truly allows her to work within many style genres and with varying mediums.

Mountain, Ricki

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Established artist Ricki Mountain is an illustrator, collagist, and painter who uses her creative artwork along with technology to create unique one of a kind images.  Her prolific and versatile nature appeals to audiences of all ages.  Ricki Mountain’s images are used as licensed artwork for fine art prints, and posters, giftware, tableware, wall decor, textiles, home accessories products, and much more.

Munting, Abraham

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Abraham Munting was an eminent professor of botany and chemistry at the University of Groningen. He was encouraged in his medical and botanical studies by his father Heinrich. As a young man Abraham traveled extensively, visiting England, Germany, Italy, and spent considerable time in France. Munting eventually returned to Groningen, where he taught at the university for more than twenty- four years and founded one of the most extensive botanical gardens of the period, known as the ‘Paradise of Groningen,’ which he directed from 1658 until his death in 1683.Munting is best known for his botanical plates, which radically departed from the traditional florilegium, presenting plant species against a landscape background. The illustrations are remarkable for their elegance and originality. Each plate shows a different plant in flower, including many exotic species from America and other distant lands. The plant dominates the foreground, filling the entire page, often with a detail of the fruit or flowers presented on a smaller scale. In some cases the plants are arranged in decorated urns or depicted with gardening tools. The name of each plant appears written on an elegantly fluttering ribbon or cartouche, or on a crumbling marble plaque. The originality of the work lies in the small landscapes that have been inserted into the background. Here the artist gave free reign to his imagination, delineating scenes that in reality bore little relation to the actual habitat of the plant.

Nodder, Frederick Polydore

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Frederick Polydore Nodder was an English flora and fauna illustrator.Nodder illustrated George Shaw's periodical The Naturalist's Miscellany. He also helped Joseph Banks prepare the Banks' Florilegium and converted most of Sydney Parkinson's Australian plant drawings into paintings and helped engrave them for publication. There are Nodder drawings and paintings of Australian birds and butterflies in the Natural History Division of the National Museum of Ireland.

Novak, Rick

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Rick Novak is a self -taught painter with a love of island life. From Tahiti to Key West his art takes the viewer away to a tropical paradise of deep blue oceans and radiant skies.
Rick had his start in the arts at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale were he graduated with honors and a degree in computer and traditional animation. From there he worked in Miami doing children’s television for companies such as Unavision, Telemundo and Nickelodeon. Not satisfied with the corporate scene he decided to make a go of it on his own by striking out as a Faux Artist and Muralist. In time he developed a style of art that was exclusively his own. Working down from large size murals to canvases Rick now paints in oil on canvas.
Rick Novak’s works are now published internationally.

Nozeman, Cornelius

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Nozeman, a Dutch minister and ornithologist provided the inspiration for one of the finest works on ornithology – Nederlandsche Vogelen 1770-1829.It was a unique collaborative effort of two Dutch masters, a project of huge scope and ambition, taking over 60 years to complete. The renowned engraver & artist Christiaan Sepp drew the illustrations & Nozeman wrote the text for the first two volumes.The first volume was published by Sepp’s son, Jan Christiaan, a bookseller with a strong background in natural history and engraving. In 1775, Cristiaan Sepp died and Jan Cristiaan completed the second volume. In 1786 Nozeman died, with most of the descriptions for the second volume written (published in 1789). Thus, it was the first two volumes which were directly created by these renowned ornithologists, artists & engravers.
Martinus Houttuyn continued the work for the third volume (published in 1797). Hottuyn died in 1798, and it was not until 1809 that the fourth volume was published, without the name of the writer. Interestingly, the whole venture was completed in 1829 by Jan Sepp, the son of Jan Cristiaan with assistance from Coenraad Jacob Temminck. Thus, three generations if the illustrious Sepp family were involved in this project of six decades, a truly remarkable feat.
These super- sized, hand colored copper plate engravings, superbly composed and meticulously engraved and colored were an expensive proposition indeed. Upon the final publication, it was the costliest book ever published, selling for 525 Dutch Florins in 1829 or over $6,000 in tody’s currency, a great sum at that time let alone now.References: Fine Bird Books, Natural History Prints and the National Library of the Netherlands website

O’Toole, Timothy

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Born in Dayton, Ohio, painter Timothy O’Toole began his enthusiasm for drawing and
painting at an early age. He attended Dayton Art Institute and later received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Cincinnati.  In addition to his time spent in Ohio and Pennsylvania capturing the wonders of nature for his art, Timothy has spent over twenty years in Colorado working on location to hone his skill as a master landscape painter. “When a scene captivates my attention, I paint, spreading the paint over the canvas using brushes, palette knives and my fingers-anything to capture the moment.”
Timothy’s work has been published and collected both nationally and internationally for almost 25 years.  He attests that his family and painting are the driving passions of his life.

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